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Re: [IP] Re: minimed customer support

On 7 Feb 2001, at 15:18, Ginny Kloth wrote:

> Your local endo or diabetes educator should be able to put you contact
> with the MiniMed Rep. so you can see and hold a pump see how it works.
> But you have to work through that with your doctor or educator. and
> the rep for the company. Disetronic won't just send you a pump either.
> The person you spoke with is correct in that they don't send one out
> to try . First- you need a prescription to get a pump- secondly they
> aren't going to just send you a pump..that is common sense. You need
> to work through your endo and diabetes educator and work through
> there.

That stands to reason.  You don't call a car company out of the 
blue and say "send over a Cadillac".  And you don't go to the 
dealership and just sit in one, you drive it!  But once you've decided 
to get a pump, that's all it really takes.  Of course, you'll need a 
prescription, but the CS reps can help you find an Endo to do that, 
if you can't find one on the Referral Lists here at IP.  

I had talked with my Endo for months and then I decided I wanted 
one.  I called Disetronics and within a week there was a trainer at 
my house with the "loaner pump".  I got to "play" use the pump 
with Saline for several days.  When I contacted MM, they were a 
bit more reserved, he did want a "prescription".  But I did get a 
"demo" from them.  The reps. at Animas have told me they have 
intentions of getting a "loaner" program going also. 

I believe the "Best Way" to decide on which pump is to TRY THEM!

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