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[IP] MM Sof-set and Sof-serter - Procedure

I've been using the MiniMed Sof-set and Sof-serter for about three months
now. Although I was trained by my CDE and have read all the instructions I
found that I was still having trouble  getting all the parts together, in
the right order, at the right time, without contaminating anything.

Here are the details of the procedure that I now use. I am passing this
along to any who would find it useful.  Modify it, change it or ignore it as
you see fit. YMMV.

1.  Fill the reservoir and remove the bubbles as normal. Leave the needle on
the reservoir and replace the needle cap. Lay the filled reservoir down.
2.  Pick up the Sof-set by the needle end. Leave the white protective cap on
the luer-lok and let that end  dangle down toward the floor to remove all
the kinks and twists from the tube.
3.  With the Sof-serter in the uncocked (extended) position, the needle
guard still on the needle and the protective paper still covering the
adhesive on the  wings insert the needle hub into the Sof-serter and push in
to place.
4.  Pressing on the wings (protective paper still in place) press the set
down to fully cock the Sof-serter.
5.  Press down firmly with one finger on the end of the needle guard to hold
the assembly in place while carefully removing the protective paper from the
adhesive on the wings.
6.  Remove the needle guard by twisting it while pushing down slightly and
then carefully lifting. This can be done with out dislodging the needle from
it's seat in the Sof-serter but it does take some care.
7.  The Sof-serter can now be laid down on its side with the needle assembly
in place without contaminating either the needle or the adhesive.
8.  Hold both the filled reservoir (needle and needle guard in plane) and
the luer-lok (white cap in plane) end of the tube in one hand.
9.  With the other hand first remove the needle from the reservoir then the
protective white cap from the luer-lok.
10. Attach the luer-lok to the reservoir.
11. Prepare the infusion site by carefully wiping the clean/dry  area of
skin with the IV Prep pad. Doing this at this point allows the area to fully
dry before the set is in-placed.
12. The fitting and tubing can now be filled with insulin from the
reservoir. If you hold the Sof-serter horizontal at this point the excess
insulin expelled from the  canula will drip on the floor rather than on the
adhesive or on the base of the needle.
13. The reservoir is now installed into the pump being carefully to firmly
push the driver arms against the end of the reservoir plunger.
14. Set The pump to prime its max. volume (10 in my case) and let it run
until 2 drops are expelled from the end of the canula. Place the pump back
in SUSPEND mode and shake any excess insulin off the tip of the canula.
15. With one hand place  the loaded and cocked Sof-serter vertically against
the prepared site and while pressing it firmly against the skin  release the
trigger to in-place the set. Do not release the pressure of the device
against the skin.
16. With two fingers of the other hand hold the wings of the set firmly
against the skin. Release the pressure on  the Sof-serter and remove it by
twisting it  one quarter turn and gently sliding it between the two fingers
that are holding the wings in place. Continue to hold the wings in place.
17. Remove the guide needle by twisting it  a half turn and pulling it out
while continuing to hold the wings in place.
18. Release the wings and carefully place the large tape (with hole) over
the set. Remove the protective film and press it into place.
19. Prime the pump for 0.5 units.
20. DONE
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