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Re: [IP] Bill Gates

Okay. I promise that this is my very last post on 
this topic.

I wrote:
>> Their grant guidelines specifically exclude "Inter-
>> ventions that will provide substantial or earlier
>> health benefits for industrialized countries.">
>> I'm not saying that Melissa's letter shouldn't be
>> sent; I'm just wondering if Bill Gates (or the
>> Gates Foundation) is the right place to send it.> >>

RoseLea wondered:
>Hmmmm then I wonder why the Gates Foundation 
>sent money to our local library to set up a computer 
>training lab.

The above-quotes guidelines were for the Gates
Foundation's Global Health program (one of the 
foundation's three programs). It funds health 
projects that benefit developing countries. The 
other two programs are the Learning program (which
funds education and libraries, focussing on scholar-
ships, computerizing libraries, and public access 
to information) and the Pacific Northwest program
(which funds various health, education, and social 
service programs that serve Seattle and environs). 
Presumably the funding for your local library came 
from the Learning program.

None of this is a secret. It's all up on their web 
site: www.gatesfoundation.org. That's how I found 
out about this. You can, too.

I'm not particularly out to defend Bill Gates or his 
decisions. I'm just saying that the Gates Foundation
has clear, well-defined ideas about what it will and
will not fund. Again, this is not a secret. And yes, 
Gates' motivations for setting up the foundation most
likely include tax write-offs and a hope of improving
public relations. But so what? Where does that get us? 
If I wanted to be *really* cynical, I'd say that Gates 
created the foundation precisely to protect himself 
from people like us. Any requests for money get for-
warded to the foundation (which appears to have a fairly
large staff) so that he doesn't have to cope with them 
personally. I don't *know* that, of course. A personal
letter to him might have an effect. But it's not the
way to bet.

Now, I button my lip.

/Janet L.

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