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[IP] Re: diluting insulin for the pump

When Lindsey first started on the Minimed pump, we used diluted insulin (U50).
We used a pharmacy that our Endo trusted and they shipped us the diluted
insulin every 3 weeks. It is a pain, but the pump is worth it. We did find
that if the basal rate is .2 or below for an extended period of time, the
tubing would clog so the diluted was great for us.

Mom to Alli, 11
Lindsey, 8 dx 7/8/99, pumping 3/00
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  From: Toninette
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  Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 3:22 PM
  Subject: diluting insulin for the pump

  Ok, here we go.  I am in the process of "working" with our insurance company
to get them to pay more than 70/30 for when we get Joshua (3 3/4) on the

  I found out that there is a new ped endo in Omaha (upping the total to 3 -
WOW!)  I chatted with him about the prospects of putting Joshua on the pump so
we wouldn't have to drive to Colorado to do it (not that this is a problem, I
love Denver), but closer would be better.  Anyway, he said that trying to
dilute the insulin so that not as much would be going into a little body is
quite difficult.

  Not once in all of the "testimonials" that I have received has anyone said
that they dilute.  Is this because you don't OR you do, but just didn't write
about it.

  Please email me privately if you do dilute, and tell of any good or bad
things that go along with this proceedure.  If you don't dilute, please email
me and tell of how much you basil in per time frame, and what that time frame
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