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Hi Gina,
>From a new pumper taking 23+/- TDD, basals 10.6 (today), still working on

Ho Boy, do I know that fear!  You wake up, cannot move, think you've had a
stroke, get transported to ER.  Next day, short term memory is all messed
up - I KNOW the name of that object you sit in, but can not remember it
until I go through the alphabet and get a gut feeling about "c" and try
variations of "see", "ka" and "cha" and eventually recognize "chair".  Long
term memory restores the word to my short term mem.  I do this for a couple
of days for "orphan words" and I'm fine.
The fear of this memory loss not coming back and the fear of dying is
terrifying.  It is possible and does happen.

Guess what?  I found that I can control that with my pump!  I truly hate
what NPH (especially) and Ultralente did to me.  No telling when those
suckers would hit me with a low.  Humalog/Lispro is much more predictable -
3 to 4 hrs max and it is totally gone.

 I started with a .2 basal from 9pm til 9am, but I had too many morning
highs.  I'm now at .3 from 9pm to midnite, .2 from midnight to 3am, .5 from
3am to 6am and then .6 from 6am to 1pm.

 Starting with the low .2 for the night was perfect for me.  I also wanted a
220BG(before pump) before bed because I would wake up with a 40 or 50  if
the BG was any lower(sometimes, BG could also be 200 or more in the morning,

When I got the pump, my basals were low.   I awakened (awoke?, help -english
teachers) at 2am and 4 am and 6am on even numbered days and 1am, 3am and 5am
on odd numbered days to get my NIGHT BASALS straight.   Then I started on my
day basals.  I had to get those night basals perfect and not have a low.

It isn't that bad, I have the meter by my bed and test, go back to sleep and
put results in my log the next day.  If I have any BG less than 100, I take
1 glucose tab(or more, if BG is in the danger zone of <70 I stay up to test
for more than 100).

It think it is absolutely essential to get those night rates regulated, but
not even especially if you live alone.  I live with my family, but I really
don't think they would wake up if I had a low blood sugar - why would they,
we are quiet -it's up to us.

My lows and highs have decreased enormously since I've had the pump.  The
less I have super highs and lows the better it gets, the less insulin I
need, the better I feel.  You will find out, make sure you talk to your CDE
or Doc about BG results every day for the first couple of weeks.   They can
help you with changing your basals.

I'm so excited about you going on the pump, it was a transformation for me
and I think it will relieve you of this very serious worry.  I know it did
that for me, my dear husband is out of town for a month and NO ONE calls me
in the morning anymore to see if I'm OK, because I am OK, I have a half way
normal BG.
You are going to lllllove it!! Kathie W.
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