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[IP] Bill Gates

It seems to me that B. Gates is trying to get the most sympathy for the
bucks in this situation. Let's face it, AIDS/HIV, is where the
media/politically correct crowds are focusing these days. Gates with all his
recent trouble with the Feds is simply trying to get this large, very vocal
group of people in his corner. (Remember most of these people in the US are
of legal voting age.) The lobbying groups for their cause have the
politician's ear and so Bill Gates, with his $ support get's their support.
Probably cheaper than all the lawyer's fees his company has paid lately. Of
course if we're really upset with Bill we could all stop using Microsoft
products, but then how would we communicate? OK I'll ease off a bit, to much
fat at lunch blew my bg's all out of whack so I'm just venting or something
like that. Hasta luego mis amigos
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