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In a message dated 2/7/01 6:26:57 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< maybe some people can, but i know i cant!  when my sugar is under 60, it 
takes a whole lot of food/juice to bring me up!!!!!  by the time i drink four 
glasses of juice and 3 bowls of cereal and candy and all that, i'm deathly 
sick to my stomach!  i'm not one of those people you can treat with a glucose 
tab.......LOL  i wish i were though  :O) >>

I had the same experience until I listened to my CDE. I take the glucose tabs 
or OJ and wait 15 minutes. Test again. The take more, only if necessary. 
There is always a kick in the pants later. 
Try not to over eat. Wait, because it takes time to digest and assimilate the 

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