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[IP] Re: Bedtime BGs and the Pump

Gina - you're doing well in getting your questions attended to as you ready 
to start the pump.  I too experienced hypoglycemic unawareness before I 
started the pump.  I've had some lows (usually overbolusing for a meal) 
though only 1 at night.  I too don't even begin to feel my lows until I'm in 
the 40s and then I have a very short window before I go really loopy and need 
outside help.  I find (YMMV) that regular ginger ale raises my BS and gets me 
out of trouble in 2-4 minutes.  Have you tried treating you lows with other 
than glucagon?  Remember, on the pump, your first task is to set your basals. 
 When set accurately (and barring the multiple events that can change your 
needs), they'll keep you BS on an even keep whether you eat or not.  It's a 
whole new world you enter with the pump.  Keep us posted.  Jill T Peaks 
Island Maine
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