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Re: [IP] fatty deposits, cartridges

> Re the message below regarding Joseph Phillipo:
> I wrote a message a few days ago stating that I only changed the
> "cartridge" in my pump every 11 to 12 days just when it gets empty,
> however I do change the infusion sets every 3 days.  I have never
> left an infusion set in for more than 3 days.  I find that sometimes
> my readings go up after 2 to 2 1/2 days but then I change the
> infusion site and my readings come right back to where they are
> supposed to be.  

The 2 -2/12 days sounds suspiciously like you might be sensitive to 
Humalog. You might want to search the mail archives on mixing Humalog 
and Velosulin. This has solved the site deterioration problem for 
many pumpers, giving them easily 3-4 or more days on a set. I don't 
recommend more than that, only point out that there is no 
deterioration at that point in time.
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