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> i am just about to start on the pump and am TERRIFIED about going to
> bed due to the fact that over the past year i have been sent to the
> ER four times for sugars below 40 in the morning......... i have
> neuropathy and do not feel my lows until i am at least 40!  by that
> time it's silly to even try to treat them with food so i take half a
> vial of Glucagon which makes me deathly sick! 

You need to keep glucose tabs and glucose Gel nearby. The best 
tasting tabs are made by DEX 4 and are private labeled for Walgreens, 
Longs, and many other major chains. My supermarket even has them. 
under their own brand name.

One of these is 5 grams or so and will raise your bg's 15 - 25 points 
depending on your ratios. When my daughter gets low, sometimes in the 
30's, she just eats enough of them to bring her bg's up to 150 and 
keeps repeating that exercise very 20-30 minutes until her bg's are 
above 100 twice in a row. The gel is useful if you are "out" and 
there is someone who can help. Applying it to your gums and inside 
the cheeks can sometimes be enough to bring you around in 10 minutes 
or so -- not to full awareness, but at least "awake" and responsive, 
then you can use more orally or some dex tabs. If that doesn't work, 
the glucagon will do the trick. So far, the gel method has been all 
that was require for us, avoiding the side effects of the shot. Don't 
take my word for it, I can only say that it worked for us and after 
later talking to Lily's doc, he confirmed that it was a good approach 
and the fastest way to get glucose into the blood stream.  YMMV.

> this has made me
> totally resistent to going to bed with my sugars under 200!  my doc
> says going on the pump will make this much easier and less lows, but
> i'm afraid still to go to bed with sugars under 200! 

You won't have any peaking N or Lente in your system. The pump 
provides a much more precise and controllable supply of insulin. With 
proper basal profile measurements you should be able to lower your 
worry quotient :-)

> i guess i just
> have it in my mind that constant insulin delivery is going to make
> me bottom out by morning! 
Nope, nope..... nope..... the delivery is tailored to your NEEDS, not 
like a shot of N that has a fixed (hopefully) delivery profile.

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