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>  i'm not one of those
> people you can treat with a glucose tab.......LOL  i wish i were
> though  :O) 

Certainly one would not do it. However, the FASTEST way to get 
glucose into your system is with glucose tabs orally. This is faster 
than IV glucose. Food has to be digested and takes much longer. You 
just have to eat enough glucose to do the job. If you were 30-40, 
you'd probably need 5-7 glucose tabs to bring you up to 100 -- 
usually when you are that low, you are still going down and you must 
account for that as well when you ingest glucose. It's not uncommon 
for my daughter to consume 6 - 8 tabs if she gets into the 30's -- 
that is enough to raise her bg's almost 200 points but it will raise 
her only to 100-125 after about an hours wait.
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