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Re: [IP] diluting insulin for the pump

> Not once in all of the "testimonials" that I have received has
> anyone said that they dilute.  Is this because you don't OR you do,
> but just didn't write about it.
> Please email me privately if you do dilute, and tell of any good or
> bad things that go along with this proceedure.  If you don't dilute,
> please email me and tell of how much you basil in per time frame,
> and what that time frame is.

Whether or not you dilute depends on Joshua's insulin requirements. 
Dilution is a nusicance, but no different than what insulin "mixers" 
do. My daughter has been mixing for years and has always done it 
herself. The more difficult problem is to get the diluteant -- not 
impossible, but a hassle to set up the supply line. Pharmacies 
generally don't carry it so you have to make arrangements to either 
get if from a hospital or from Eli Lilly. There are a few parents of 
really young kids that do this so it CAN be done. I wouldn't let any 
of this small stuff get in the way. These are all problems that can 
be solved with a little effort.

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