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[IP] MM & Training.

My Endo had sample pumps. She was able to show me a Disatronic and a MM.
A CDE  showed me aa Animas.

 The literature that came from the companies explained the smallest amt of 
the boluses and basals.
I decided on the MM.

My trainers were terrific. MM provided them. Since I was already on Humalog 
and counting Carbs, I went into the program pretty fast. I have been T1 since 

They worked with me by fax and phone for the carb counting, since I was not 
willing to go to evening classes and since I work all day and couldn't take 
the time off. I did go to a trainer for the "first hook-up" which was with 
saline. I did go to the trainer for the first insulin hook-up which took 
place in my endo's office. I kept phone contact with the trainer, and saw my 
endo in one week.


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