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I can understand your fears, as the "demon" NPH had me doing that before the
pump came along.

When you go onto the pump, most basal rates will be started somewhat
conservatively, so that hypos for the most part are elimenated or minimalized
to an infrequent occurrance.

You'll be testing quite a lot in the first days and will be able to tell by
the numbers what your BGs are doing, and if you have a low way out in between
meals, it may be a basal issue and you can get around this easily...I do find
that the BG takes longer to go down, so the dangerous hypos don't really
happen anymore, unless you give too high a mealtime bolus, and I mean really

I usually hit the sack at 110-130. Wake ups are 72-110, and I've four dogs
who've woken me up only a few times for lows or highs in the last 7 years.

I hope you're reading "pumping Insulin" and the part about 'triggering your
hypo awareness'. It really does help.

Write anytime. I've been on the pump seven years and ain't lookin' back! :)

Jenny Sutherland
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  From: email @ redacted

  i am just about to start on the pump and am TERRIFIED about going to bed due
  to the fact that over the past year i have been sent to the ER four times
  sugars below 40 in the morning.........
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