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i am just about to start on the pump and am TERRIFIED about going to bed due 
to the fact that over the past year i have been sent to the ER four times for 
sugars below 40 in the morning.........
i have neuropathy and do not feel my lows until i am at least 40!  by that 
time it's silly to even try to treat them with food so i take half a vial of 
Glucagon which makes me deathly sick!  this has made me totally resistent to 
going to bed with my sugars under 200!  my doc says going on the pump will 
make this much easier and less lows, but i'm afraid still to go to bed with 
sugars under 200!  i guess i just have it in my mind that constant insulin 
delivery is going to make me bottom out by morning!  
what do most of you feel safe going to bed at?  what are your average 
readings in the morning?  
thanks for all your help  :O)
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