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[IP] Pregnancy, idiotic comments and

> I have an appointment in three weeks with the
> ever-so-charming endo Dr. M. But he
> is never any help.  Basically I tell him what I plan
> on adjusting, he nods, and
> says to call if I have questions.  Then he is never
> available when I call, so I
> don't bother. Also, I'm six months pregnant as of
> tomorrow, and if he makes any
> more miscarriage comments, I'm going to walk.  Last
> month he said "I assume you are
> still pregnant?" And then he gave me the talk about
> how sometimes women miscarry
> even if they do everything right, and that I should
> not let it devastate me
> emotionally if it does happen. He repeats this
> everytime he sees me.  I feel like
> he is just waiting for disaster to strike.
Kelly, his job is to be supportive not a prophet of doom, i'd tell him
nicely, doc I know your negativistic view of pregnancy and diabetes and I
certainly have been diabetic long enough to know that it come with its own
scourge. Please leave the gloom and doom unspoken and try to think
positively, I would also tell him Its hard enough to live with diabetes
without being reminded of how awful it is. If you likethe guy you could
tell him i like you but i dont like getting an emotional beating when i
come here. When he doesn't call you back ask if he would rather be called
after office hours. Spot also it wouldn't hurt to tell him every activity
has certain risks which have certain risks
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