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Re: [IP] two questions

> Hi.  I have two questions based on other people's comments.
> 1- I have not been able to change the tubing without changing the
> cartridge.  Am I connecting them too tight or is there a trick to
> disconnect at the cartridge should I just want to change the site
> but leave the insulin which is still working.

Pair of pliers

> 2- Why should it help
> to keep in the old site when you are changing sites since there is
> nothing to push the insulin in?

The wound oozes --- what comes out is body fluid + insulin. Think 
about how small a drop represents 5 units (when primint) and it is 
easy to imagine loosing several units through the wound exit. 
Secondly, when you remove the cannula, you do a small amount of 
damage to the site. This contributes to a lack of localized 
absorbtion. Leaving the old set in for a couple of hours simply 
eliminates these possiblities since any Humalog left would be mostly 
absorbed after that time lapse. Ancedotal reports support this 

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