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[IP] extra tape

Zack (8) had tons of problems when he went on the 508 in Nov 00.  We tried 9
different tapes including liquid adhesive as well as several types of infusion
sets.  We found that the soft sets did not work for him.  Everytime we put one
in, they would pull out or kink within hours.  If we were lucky, we might make
it a day with it.  We switched to the sils and that solved the problem of the
kinking and pulling out, however, we still had major tape issues.  Even the
liquid adhesive didn't work for him.  I finally found the best tape.  It is
also made by Smith & Nephew and it is called OpSite.  It looks almost like the
IV3000 but it actually sticks but is    not painful when you remove it.  I use
the sandwich method.  I put a layer of the opsite down, put the sof set in,
cut the OpSite in half and put it over each of the ends of the white part of
the soft set.  Then I use the IV3000 to make a safety loop since we have
remove them all the time to  shower.

This has worked the best for us and believe me I have tried them all.  I tried
every tape that MM had in there book.  If you call S&N they will send you a
box to try.. There number is 800-876-1261.  They also have a product called
skin-bond which we got a sample of, but it is like superglue.  I have found
that since we tried the OpSite we haven't needed that yet.  We probably will
when summer comes but we will have to wait and see.

Good Luck.
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