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> ... about whether the educator should do this [pump training] or the
actual MINIMED people....... <

In my case the doctor's CDE is a certified trainer for MiniMed (and
Disetronics too I think??) and she handled all the training.

The actual training consisted for the following:

1.    Several days of unsupervised "playing around" with the pump and it's
2.    The training video from MiniMed.
3.    A list of simple exercised (set the time, suspend, bolus, change the
basals, etc.) to work through at home.
4.    A 3 hr appoint to insert the first infusion set and start pumping
saline and to discuss the future treatment plan (i.e. carb ratio, targets,
basals etc.)
5.    A 2 hr appointment to switch over to Humulin, set the initial
treatment plan and answer questions.
6.    Several phone follow-up calls the next 2 weeks
7.    Follow-up visit with CDE 3 weeks after start-up to go over the numbers
and answer questions.

I was very comfortable and happy with this plan and level of attention.
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