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Re: [IP] basal settings

Carole wrote:
>My son Zack (8) has been on the MM 508 pump since Nov. 00.  We are having a
>terrible time getting his basal rates where they need to be.  Actually, we get
>them set, they work for a week or two and then he starts running low then
>high, then back to low etc.  We have been in constant contact with his endo
>and she continues to make changes, but I thought by going on the pump that
>some of the unpredictable bgs would be eliminated.  

I've had the same experience. My bg's have been better with the pump,
but still not perfect. There are lots of things that can affect basal rates:
changing hormone levels, exercise, the infusion site, and other things 
that longer-term pumpers know better than I do. (I started pumping 
in November, too.) I think the thing to keep in mind is that the pump 
makes these adjustments much easier to do. But it doesn't mean clear 
sailing. Basals still need to be adjusted from time to time.

I wish that doctors would be clearer about this. Is it that many of them
don't really know how variable basals can be? I mean, we're trying to 
replace an element in a very complex, sensitive feedback system with
multiple inputs. Even with the pump, it's hard.

> Don't get me wrong, I
>think the pump is great when it works.  My son loves having no shots and
>eating an occasional treat, but I was expecting less frustration with the
>pump.  Is this because we are still new at pumping or is this just a new
>aspect of managing his diabetes?  

One thing I had to deal with when I started pumping was managing
my expectations. I'd been wanting a pump for so long that I knew
that I was pinning all kinds of hopes on it. I knew intellectually that
the pump wouldn't give me perfect control. But I didn't know how
much better my control would be, so I wasn't sure how much I 
needed to remind myself that the pump would not make my life
perfect. Which it hasn't. Even a cure won't do that! But it is making
my life better in lots of ways. There are still days when I'm frustrated
and can't figure out *why* my blood sugar is doing what it does.
(Gremlins. It's gremlins.) On the other hand, there are times when 
the pump makes it possible for me to do things I haven't done in years. 
(Dare I go out for Dim Sum? I think I'll try!)

>We are getting up every 3 hours at night to
>check him (he does not usually wake up when he is low) and I would love to be
>able to put him to bed and not worry that he is going to bottom out or
>skyrocket through the night. Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly

That sounds frustrating (and exhausting). I don't have any real 
advice, but other parents on the list might.

Hang in there!

/Janet L.

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