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[IP] islet cell transplants.

<< yes to do a whole pancreas transplant yes there are tissue compatiblities 
consider. however the islets could be used with no real problem. <snip>
 probably you could get enough islets to do about 12 transplants from one 
human pancreas.>>

At this point in time, with the current methods for cell retrieval, the 
protocols call for 2 cadaver organs per recipient (and one of the Edmonton 
people received 4 before he had enough working cells -- but I think the 
current trials are eliminating people as big as he is).  Donors and patients 
are being matched by blood type.

Current methods also call for a lifetime of immunosupressant drugs, which, 
while presumably a lot less dangerous than in the past, may not be quite what 
you would wish for for your child.  Best bet for you parents seeking to 
donate your pancreases after death is probably to stay alive and healthy 
helping the kids cope right now. :-)

A major factor in havesting enough islet cells is that they are usually not
viable in great numbers when harvested. If harvested with the kidneys, they
are still viable and can becounted on to give a much higher yield. also,
thy could be grown on plastic sheets and probably would be transplantable
into a perfect match recipient. The advantage of portal vein injectionis
that the cells surive better inside the liver where immunotolerance is
greater. Ive been told by some endocrinologists that immunsuppresson is not
necessary for life but Even if the liver is immnoprivledged as a site I
dont understand. in doing lots of stem cell transplants Immunosuppression
is worse than the cancer we were treating. one serious problem with islet
cells is that they work far better when they are in touch with each other
as in rubbing cell membranes. one or two here or there just are not
effective you need lots of them together as they cross cooperate with each
other there is still more we dont understand than what we do understand.
also anti GAD antibodies left around from your initial immune attack will
not attack your transplant if you are immunosuppressed.Since kidneys are
taken from a donor who is still alive so could the islet cells.the
immunosuppressive drugs, daculzimab and sirolimus are quite tolerable but
tacrolimus is diabetogenic. if you are not immuosuppressed yes, you could
loose the transplant but worse you could get graft versus host disease. I
fully agree that living to a ripe old age and dealing with your kids
diabetes is best for parents. the best thing as we all know is to be able
to vaccinate iddm22 kids with something to prevent islet cell damage. or
find a way to prevent cell damage from it once you have it. spot
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