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Re: [IP] Rich men


At 12:20 PM 2/7/01 -0600, you wrote:
>Natalie A. Sera, with all her ducks in a row!, said >>>>...If those are his
>criteria, that's his choice -- the next question is,
>where would more appropriate funding be available??<<<<<<<<<
>Well, Ted Turner, Steve Jobs, etc., check the list of the world's richest
>men.  We can write them all letters.  We can ask any large corporations - it
>is what fundraising people who work for JDF and ADA and AMFAR and other 
>things do.   Maybe there are some famous people (besides MTM) who would do 
>something...but to keep from duplicating efforts, and to do it right and 
>with power as a group of 3000, I would think we need to coordinate our
>efforts with the official JDF so we have the tax deductible status.

Wonder how much Steve Jobs knows about diabetes..... A couple of years he 
loaned his Hummer for a 16 year old to take his driving test.  Though the 
article didn't say it, that 16 year old was also diabetic......


>Bonnie Richardson
>Huntsville, AL
>PS:  (And if you run across a rich single man in his 50s give him my

Are 3 out of the 4 enough?  ;-)

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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