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i just recieved my pump yesterday and was wondering what kind of training you 
guys got and from whom?  there seems to be a little confusion at my dr's 
office about whether the educator should do this or the actual MINIMED 
people....... i would prefer the minimed girl, but i really dont care!  i 
just want to get going with this already!
now they are talking about i need to see a dietician and carb counting and 
all this stuff, and i'm like "listen, i been diabetic for 19 years now..... i 
know how to count carbs, i know how to adjust for highs" blah blah blah!  
did you hook up to saline for a few days before using insulin?  how many 
basal rates did you start out with?
thanks for all your help!  this is great!  my dr has been trying to get me on 
the pump for four or five years and i've always said "no...no way!"  now i am 
saying "yes.... and just hurry up!!!!!!!"  LOL......
hope to hear from some of you real soon!
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