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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #858

re: Joseph San Phillipo on pump for 19 years.
I went off pump because i got so many fatty deposits in my stomach that I
look like a pumpkin.  I am not a fat person, 5'5" and 134#.  Jogged for
16 years and walked since then, DM1 for 52 years, no complications.  Age
58.  Use H and U- multiple injections.  Want to go back on pump, but
resist due to those fat bubbles ocurring.  Telll me how you avoid those. 
Also there was a gal who said she did not change the pump for 11-12 days
and only used about 22 units of ins per day.  I use that amount.  Do you,
Trish Obler, have fatty deposits at your infusion sites? Where do you
place the infusion sites?  I would love to cchange just once a week if
that were possible.  Why do some people say the insulin becomes
innefective after 3 days and others do not report that?   Do the one's
who keep the  same site in longer live in a colder climate? gudo
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