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[IP] Extra tape needed for infusion sets?

My daughter,age 7, started pumping with a Disetronic H-tron on 1/16/01, using 
the tender infusion sets.  We'd heard lots of good things about mini-med soft 
sets, micro, and tried them with the inserter yesterday, after instruction 
from a CDE.  First set came out in 3 hours, but I think that may have been 
from extra baby oil left on from cleaning off the previous site, plus she 
wore her "pump belt" up too high, and it pulled the set down.  Now it seems 
OK (using just the IV3000 tape).  But I wondered if I should further anchor 
it down with extra silk tape on the top and sides.  Problem is, I don't want 
her to have a giant square site on her tummy, plus she has rather delicate 
skin.  What do others do?  Thanks.

Jeanne, Mom of Kathleen, 7, dx'd 7/00 and pumping since 1/16/01,  Amanda 10, &
Wife of Bill, from sunny South Florida.
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