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Re: [IP] Bill Gates

Michael wrote:
> Diabetes is a world wide problem. The 20 million + 1million or so
> T1's in the US is just the tip of the iceberg.

However, a cure, particularly one that involved islet cell transplants,
would be so prohibitively expensive that it wouldn't even be a dream for
people in the third world. 

Most Type 1 children in Africa, particularly in the villages, simply
die. They don't even have access to insulin and syringes, and forget
about refrigerating anything. 

Type 2 is rare, because of the exercise and diet that rural people get
-- which means it's very much a problem of industrialized countries

A prevention for Type 1 diabetes might squeak into Bill Gates'
guidelines, but a cure won't. And forget Type 2 at all.

If those are his criteria, that's his choice -- the next question is,
where would more appropriate funding be available??
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