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[IP] Glucometer personalities

< that if I had let`s say a glucometer that expressed emotions of its own I`d
  toss it out the window!  I didn`t like the feature on the Accuchek Complete
  that allowed messages to appear as I tested my bg so had turned that

You can turn that off??? Man.  Now I wish I'd read the entire manual on the Accuchek Complete.  I really like the size of the strips, the wicking action to take less blood, and the fact that it tells me if a strip is bad before I waste my blood, but I HATE those darn messages.(Almost as much as reading hundreds of pages of instructions)  If you test nine times in one day, how many times can you cheerfully nod when the message advises you to check your feet daily?? I don't wanna to check my feet again.<stomp, stomp>
You'd think I'd learn my lesson and read the manual after I got it stuck on Spanish instructions last time. But I thought of it as trying to improve my language skills.

Sherry C
>From the  massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Whose waking bg was just over 100 just morning!!!! (okay, okay, 106)
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