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[IP] bolus for protein

Hi you all,

I wanted to let you know that bolusing for protein (50% of grams of protein)
has changed my bgs for the good.  I'm thin (5'4" and 115 lbs) and have quite a
bit of fat in my diet (delicious olive oil) and protein.  NEVER bolused for
the protein, only the carbs. I read quite a bit from the archives about this
and decided to bolus for the proteins since I had highs I could not account

Well, instead of 256 four hours after big protein  dinner, I get a 156 (yeah,
I know this is too much, but it's better).

I'm a new pumper and haven't tried a dual wave bolus yet (what do I know, I
spent 20 years taking multiple shots for control, I'm programmed).
I use a normal bolus for the carbs, then 1 and/or 2 hrs later I bolus for the
proteins.  This is an experiment.

The point is: the proteins for me really do count in my blood sugar, no one
has ever told me this. YMMV.
Kathie W.
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