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Re: [IP] Re:help a frustrated mom


  My son Joshua just turned 9 in Dec.  He has been on the Dis H-Tron for, 
well, lets just say a year (long story)  It has taken all of that time to 
finally see consistantly good within range BGs and his A1C finally coming 
down (latest last week 8.1 down from 8.7 in Oct00).  First of all I 
personally feel EXTREMELY sorry for their daughter.  She is a child with 
hormone swings, mood swings, various activity levels and just plain...she is 
just a kid!!!!  I am almost wondering if the wild BG swings are due to the 
added stress that her parents appear to be putting on her for perfection.  
And an A1C of 6.0 for a child that young is ABSURD!!!  Our endo would be very 
upset.  That child is being put at risk for hypos that can be very dangerous 
for anyone!!!  There is such a thing as TOO TIGHT!!!!

  First it sounds like these people need to stand back and take a deep 
breath.  Then they need to get with a REAL doctor, ie - their endo.  A CDE is 
good resource to have available but they should NOT be put in a position of 
practicing medicine unless they are a licensed physician.  And why are they 
testing this poor child so many times during the day?  That is ludicrous!!!  
If mom can't handle high BGs then she needs to let someone else take over for 
her because high BG swings are going to be the norm for a child, especially 
when they hit puberty!!!  And if this mom's stress is being projected onto 
the little girl what does the mom think that is going to do to the BGs?
 And if the pump trainer, I'm assuming is a practicing MD if s/he is in 
exclusive control, is changing basal rates every 3-4 days how will they know 
what is going to work.  It is NOT instant!!!

  I would love to have the opportunity to talk with this mom (and dad) and 
share some of my experiences with them (and believe me we have had them!!)  
And these people have only been at it for 2.5 months!!  It has taken me over 
a year!!!!!

  Maureen, please give this lady my email address and tell her to contact me 
for sharing.  Also I belong to another ecircle group exclusivly for families 
with DM kids where we can share, bitch, ask questions, all about kids!!

mom to Joshua
email @ redacted 
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