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[IP] basal settings

My son Zack (8) has been on the pump since Nov 00.  We are still having
difficulty in getting his basal rates set.  At first he was running low at
night (he does not usually wake up when low so we have been checking every 3
hours during the night) then he was high, back to low and now he is running
high both during the night and day.  We have been in touch with his endo and
she has made changes, but will things ever smooth out or is this just a new
aspect of managing his diabetes?  My son's sugars have always been
unpredictable (he been type 1 since age 2) but I was hoping that by going on
the pump is would make things easier.  Don't get me wrong, I think the pump is
wonderful for reducing shots, eating an occasional treat etc. but I find that
it is just as frustrating (sometimes) as the mdi. Any help and/or

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