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[IP] Re:pregnancy blues

Starting at around 26 weeks, all other hormone levels raise
increasing insulin resistance. Cortisone is the strongest
one to create resistance and also causes some problems with
carbohydrate metabolism. Some women have success with
limiting the starch intake to one or 2 servings only and
concentrate more on protein and high fiber fruits and
veggies.. Be careful with fruit juices, as they can raise BG
quickly, so it isn't a good idea to have juice between meals
or fruit between meals. you can expect insulin needs to go
up weekly in the last trimester. A fructosamine test can be
done every 2 weeks. The values are not the same as the A1C,
but the results can give the doctor an idea of your week to
week BG control average.

If your OB person is slightly on shaky ground, a consult
with Lois Jovanovic Peterson (herself a diabetic) is widely
published on diabetes and pregnancy.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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