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[IP] Re: Denise's comments on Recording/Using Data


I really enjoyed what you wrote about charting your life in the notes you
keep.  I AGREE! I keep extensive notes and they don't fit into any "chart"
neatly and I also use computer downloads from the meter.  It makes me nuts
when  my endo of years and years can't be bothered to look at the computer
printouts. If anything, he only wants a chart "his" way, which is really
something that isn't the way a diabetic lives--skimpy little boxes you have
all seen of pre- and post-meal bgs and that's it. Pre-pump I filled out
literally books of my own form of charts  which he  always took for my
files---I never felt he looked at them because he certainly never suggested
any changes--just dumped them in the file. He laughs that I'm the biggest
file in the office. I found yearly trends in them, etc.,  etc.

There are so many variables which don't "fit" on a chart.  I don't like the
idea that any endo thinks he is going to learn something more about a
diabetic from a chart that is so limited in its portrayal of "life".  I'm
being quite sarcastic when I ask:  Do  any of you ever get the feeling that
your endo is not "hearing" what you are saying while you're in with him/her?
That gets right back to Sherry and her pregnancy woes. Maybe the idea of
charting is more the idea that "doing" it means you are paying
attention--whereas, if you aren't doing any--guess what?  You're probably
not paying a lot of attention.....could it be that simple?  Diabetes is such
an intensely personal condition---you are exactly what you make of it. Ho
and hum.  I, too, keep thinking there must be a better way of getting across
what is going on, but really what I "keep" for records is only for me. The
doctor, ultimately, doesn't make that much difference--it's what more can I
learn from all the info. I collect.

Thank you, Denise, I think I completely agree with you.

Barbara (BBB)
Type I 50 years(June THIS year)
Minimed 508 1 year
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