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[IP] Has the site been down? YES and now how can we fix it?

Pumpers and Friends,
    I can understand sys going down, as I was using other peoples computers for the last few months. So how about we help IP out....my GF company updated their computer systems.. so I got one of their old ones. So... Michael what are you running the mail server and website server on? I maybe able to get some parts that you can use. What size HD do we need to run everything on? What OS? How much RAM?  So let see how good the IP GEEKS are?  If each one of us get one part, other build it, test it.... So...........

Yes the mail server went down Monday afternoon. Michael had just left town 
for a few days and wasn't expected back until Wednesday or Thursday. This 
is an excellent example of Murphy's Law in action. The server that Michael 
uses is extremely ancient and is very overburdened. Unfortunately the 
funding situation makes it very difficult for him to upgrade it to a new 
one. So, these things will happen occasionally.

The admins contacted a backup person near Michael's office and he re-booted 
the server mid-morning today. I've started getting mail again, so I presume 
all the rest of you have also.

Sam Skopp
One of the volunteer Insulin Pumpers administrators
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