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[IP] Being prepared....

Greetings all:
    Although this seems like common sense information, I figure it bears 
repeating - especially in the winter - and especially with erroneous weather 
forecasts like we had yesterday in the northeast!
     Melissa drove herself to school in a heavy downpour -as predicted. 
Within a few hours though, surprise surprise, as the "rain event" turned into 
a fast & furious snow event. Now to you midwesterners, this is probably no 
big deal, but the mid-Atlantic region doesn't cope with this very well. With 
the snow piling up at over an inch/hour, I think every person in the greater 
Philadelphia region must have decided simultaneously to get out on the roads. 
Melissa's usual 10 minute commute took her 2 hours- alone in her car, which 
unbeknowst to me, she'd cleaned out last week before it was 
serviced....cleaned out as in NO FOOD! Fortunatley since she was traveling 
about one mile per half hour, she had plenty of time to check her bgs & she 
remained in range. She did have a juice box & some glucose tabs, but no 
gloves, no scraper, no boots, no winter coat ( it WAS raining remember) & no 
"real food" if she'd been stuck longer. I breathed a mega sigh of relief when 
she finally got home.....but was further unnerved to hear that it took a 
neighbor 4 1/2 hours to make her usual 30 minute commute, and worse yet, that 
students in a suburban elementary school didn't get home until 9:00 p.m. ( 
probably because their school buses had gotten caught in said traffic jams 
both getting to the school & taking the children home).
   So if you've been "meaning to" replenish your car, backpack, briefcase, 
pocketbook, etc. "emergency rations", do so TONIGHT!
Regards, Renee (Melissa's sore pump mom who whiled away those 2 hours 
shoveling the driveway!)
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