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[IP] meter information

<<Is there someplace online I could find info about the LifeScan Ultra??
I'd like to change meters but keep hearing bad things about so many of them
don't know what to change to, LOL.>>

you can find out about a lot of different monitors (even if you're not a
child) at:
tons of impressive resources and links and great site overall.

you can find out more about the lifescan ultra at:

you can find out more about therasense at:

a site that compares all the major ones is:
but i am not sure when it was updated as it doesn't have fast take and some

good luck!  everyone likes something different and there's no one right
monitor, it just depends on your priorities!  i like the ultra because it's
small and fast (5 seconds!) but it's like pumps, everyone has different hot
buttons (cost, ability to do graphs, tiny drop, etc.) and compared to where
we were 10-15 years ago, the selection today is fabulous.  regards. kelly.
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