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Re: [IP] Open letter to Michael

>From: Bonnie Richardson <email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Open letter to Michael
>Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 13:42:42 -0600
>You are a sweetheart and saint and a Nobel human being.
>Sometimes I think about all you have done for insulin pumpers, and how many
>people have benefited for so many years and it blows me away!   You will
>always have a home in my home and so will your family.  I will always be
>eternally grateful that you created the IP list.  I was so alone when I
>first got my pump six years ago.  I had no one to share my excitement and
>fears with, and I knew no one with a pump.  I kept looking for someone on
>the net and then...
>  There You Were!
>The mental and physical and all around pumping support I have received from
>you, as well as the people on this list, have had a major affect on my
>success in pumping.  This list has been a positive influence on my mental
>well-being, my learning about sites and silhouettes, and so many "how to do
>it" shared experiences.  I mean who else but pumpers know the thrill of a
>great hbaic?
>I have made some great "net pals", many of whom I hope to meet in person
>someday.  You are at the top of my list, Michael, and to have so selflessly
>given your time and yourself is worthy of not only a medal of honor, but 
>highest award possible.
>Your sharing of information is always exactly what is needed, well written,
>"spoken" in exactly the right tone, with back up references when needed!
>The IP list is responsible for many successful pumpers!   You should be
>knighted by Minimed, Disetronics, and Animas all!  But mostly, everyone one
>this list needs to send money so we can keep this list going.  I need it!
>Thank you, Mr. Robinton, for who you are and what great things you have 
>to benefit mankind!
>with loving gratitude,
>(along with $10 bucks a month)
>I will be in your debt forever.
>Bonnie Richardson
>                                                                Well said 
>Bonnie! We all applaud you And agree  with you.

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