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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #854

What a terrible way for a doctor to treat a patient!!!!
I am a nurse in an ob-gyn clinic. We have many pregnant patients who have diabetes. The
3  peri-natologists are all wonderfully supportive. None would ever treat a patient
like that........especially one who is working her butt off to do everything as well as
possible (but even if she weren't at all compliant). It IS harder to control DM when
you are pregnant.........those hormones wreak havok with bg control.............but
practical help and a modicum of emotional support are in order from the doc, not this
kind of treatment.
Hopefully there is another doc in your area that you could see.
Many of us on this list have had healthy wonderful babies while dealing with this
disease.  That doctor  needs to update his knowledge of diabetes in pregnancy as well
as his interpersonal skills! Tell him to take a hike!
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