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[IP] new pumper - humalog - bubbles

Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 08:19:20 -0500
From: "Sharon Niquette" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] New pumper

Sharon writes: <I'm a 35 year DMI with a 5yr. DMI daughter.We received 
Katies Animas Pump.  We found out the first week that we can only fill 
insulin cartridge 1/2 full because Humalog seemed to loose it's potency 
after 2 1/2 days.We're also getting air bubbles after 24-36hrs.>

I too started on Animas pump on 12-26-00.  I only use approx. 20 to 22 units 
of Humalog per day.  I fill my cartridge to capacity of 300 units and then 
only have to replace the cartridge when empty (every 12 days or so allowing 
for priming - I just wait for the low insulin beep and then plan ahead and 
change the cartridge when it is under 5 units as I have a low basal).  The 
humalog will not lose its potency.  If Katie's readings are increasing after 
2 1/2 days that is most likely due to the infusion set.  My readings also 
start to rise after around the 2 1/2 to 3 days.  Then if you change your 
infusion set keeping the same cartridge your readings should come right back 
down.  The site of the infusion loses its capacity to absorb the insulin 
after it has been in use that long.  Also - my CDE told me to use Humalog at 
room temp as it would not have as  many bubbles.  So I did that twice and 
had more trouble with getting bubbles out of the cartridge when filling.  
Since then I have went back to refridgerated humalog with no bubbles.  I 
don't even have hardly any bubbles to remove from the cartridge when filling 
it at the cooler temp and have had no bubbles in the cartridge or tubing 
later on. Every time you change the tubing/infusion set you must reprime the 
tubing to make sure you start with no bubbles.  You can also try filling the 
cartridge and removing bubbles and then putting the cap back on the 
cartridge and letting it stand on the counter for a few hours checking for 
bubbles once again before putting the cartridge in the pump.
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