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[IP] Re:help a frustrated mom

Last night I went to a breastfeeding class (2 weeks till inducement-yay!)
and asked the nurse practitioner who taught it about diabetes affecting
breastfeeding. Well, it turns out her 8 year old is on an Animas pump,
and we ended up spending an hour talking pumps and diabetes (much to my
tired husband's great chagrin). Anyway, this Mom is at her wit's end.
They went on the pump at Thanksgiving, and she's still getting up every 2
hours at night to check her daughter's bg. She says her numbers are all
over the place. Prior to the pump, she was on 6 injections and 14 tests
daily. Apparently, her dad is a doc, her mom is a nurse, and they really
went for tight control--and did it well. She had an A1c of 6.0 before
going on the pump. Her endo thought that was too tight, and that she
would seize, and suggested the pump. Part of the problem is the Mom can't
deal with out of control blood sugars. She says she stays up at night
worrying about highs. She spent the first 2 weeks in school with the
daughter in class to make sure the pump worked ok. By this point, 2.5
months later, she's a nervous wreck, and is contemplating going back to
injections, b/c she could work that. She has an endo, but it appears that
the management is done almost exclusively by the pump trainer, who
adjusts basals every 3 days it sounds like. The endo doesn't seem to know
much of what is going on, which I found kinda strange. 

Anyway, I could go on, but you get the point. I suggested she get to our
website and get on this list (she feels very alone and afraid) and that
she read Pumping Insulin. Does anyone have other suggestions for me to
pass on? I felt so bad for her, and couldn't stop thinking of her when we
got home. That is really no way to have a life, and it's affecting the
whole family. Could other Moms give me tips to share with her? 


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