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Re: [IP] New pumper

Sharon Niquette wrote:
>I'm a 35 year DMI with a 5yr. DMI daughter.We received Katies Animas Pump
>11/00,but opted to wait until the holidays were over before starting.Started
>saline on 01/11/01.Thank God for the 1week of saline!I think this should be

I'm glad it's working for you, and I applaud your self-control 
in waiting to start until you're really ready. But, FYI -- I did 
things very differently, and it worked fine for me. I had my 
pump training and started running saline the Monday evening 
before Thanksgiving, started insulin Wednesday morning, 
and pumped all through the holidays with very few hitches.

This morning I had my first true post-pump A1c: 6.1%!  My 
endo said I got a gold star. (But he didn't have any actual gold 
stars in the office. Hmph.)

I think the pace of starting pumping depends on a lot of things. 
I had no trouble inserting my first infusion set, got used to 
wearing the pump pretty easily, and saw no reason not to get 
started with insulin as soon as possible. I think the important 
thing is to proceed at a comfortable pace, whatever that happens 
to be for you.

/Janet L. 

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