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[IP] Re: Pregnancy Blues

Hang in there!   I really feel for you.  Both your doctors seem a little 
ignorant about diabetic pregnancies .   Based on my own pregnancies, your 
insulin requirements can really shoot up at this point, especially the carb 
ratio (although my basal also increased but not as dramatically). I was 
taking nearly triple my prepregnancy total daily insulin by week 35.    And 
then at the very end, around week 36, my requirements started decreasing.  
Don't be afraid to start increasing your doses - it's to be expected.  And 
yes, it is important to keep good control at this point for the baby's 
health.  Like your doctor said, they produce insulin to counter your highs, 
and you want to minimize this because they can run into some low blood sugar 
problems immediately after birth if they are producing too much.  But 
honestly, don't worry too much about the C-section.  I had to have two of 
them.  One because my blood pressure was soaring at 37 weeks.  The other was 
because my son was way too big (for me anyways) at 9 1/2 pounds.  I was in 
good control with both of them and they both did great after delivery.  The 
size thing was apparently beyond my control!  But I was lucky because I went 
every other week to the Joslin Diabetes pregnancy clinic here in Boston where 
they are very experienced in diabetic pregnancies.

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