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Re: [IP] Switching Endo's

I have been pregnant twice, delivered twice, one of my children is now 
diabetic, and I can tell you that your doctor sounds like a DICK!  (Yea, I 
think so too!)  I think you should try and switch, pick one of the other 
doctors to go to, and write this doctor a letter explaining that you MUST 
make a switch immediately.  Don't mention your current doctor's name, not 
that it won't be found out anyway, but this allows the new doctor to accept 
you as a patient without getting in the middle of something.  Your doctor is 
probably not well liked by his contemporaries either, so I wouldn't worry 
about it.  I would not spend any more time worrying about offending this guy. 
 Don't take this sitting down!  God forbid, he ends up in the delivery room 
watching you in your most vulnerable moments, getting involved, and messing 
everything up and probably humiliating you in the process.  You would never 
forget it.  Pregnancy and delivery are big deals.  You deserve only the very 
best you can find yourself.  Please do everything you can to get respectful 
medical care.  Self respect is everything.  I know that if you strategize 
long enough, and take actions, you will find a solution and will be proud of 
yourself for it.  Good luck my dear.
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