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Re: [IP] Pregnancy Blues

Sherry C.

  Is there another endo in your area?  This guy sounds like the wrong end of 
the donkey, if you know what I mean!!!  I'm not DMer, my son is.  But as an 
alder first (and only) tme mother I was a nervous wreck the whole PG.  And 
I'll bet that most moms are like that, especially the first time.  But I was 
very lucky to have a wonderful OB.  If your endo is so non-helpful then 
perhaps you should just not bother seeing him for the rest of your PG.  
Continue seeing the OB, have them do the A1C tests and all of the others and 
just decide that you do NOT need the added stress of having some jerk telling 
you all about disasters right now.  Actually, NO ONE needs to hear that sort 
of stuff ANYTIME.  So, if possible, ask your OB or others in the area for a 
recommendaton for another endo and go from there.  You have worked too hard 
to get to this point, and you should be able to enjoy it as much as possible.

  It sounds like raising your basal a tenth might be a good start.  If you 
find yourself starting to go too down then try alternating the basals by the 
tenth each hour or two.  And extra snacking will always help keep those lows 
away.  Be sure to include some protein as well as the carb, ...well, you know 
what to do.  But the MAIN THING is to TRY and relax and enjoy this time.  
Keep talking to us here on the list.  I was wondering how you were doing and 
I'm glad to hear that the PG is going fine.  We just need to get you to relax 
a little and try and enjoy this new life that is growing inside of you.


mom to Joshua
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