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[IP] Pregnancy Blues

Well, I went back to see my ob/gyn Friday.  There is a new doctor in the office now
and he's the one that kept the appointment with me. He was telling me more about
the dangers of having high bg's now.  Apparently the higher I run, the more insulin
the baby kicks out, the bigger the baby gets through the chest, and the more
chances I have to have a c-section. I'm not sure what's going on with my levels
lately.  I'm testing every two or three hours all day, and I just can't figure out
what to do with my basals. Sunday I ran around 200 all day even though I kept
adjusting with small boluses, and changed my tubing and site early. It's making me
a nervous wreck.
I have an appointment in three weeks with the ever-so-charming endo Dr. M. But he
is never any help.  Basically I tell him what I plan on adjusting, he nods, and
says to call if I have questions.  Then he is never available when I call, so I
don't bother. Also, I'm six months pregnant as of tomorrow, and if he makes any
more miscarriage comments, I'm going to walk.  Last month he said "I assume you are
still pregnant?" And then he gave me the talk about how sometimes women miscarry
even if they do everything right, and that I should not let it devastate me
emotionally if it does happen. He repeats this everytime he sees me.  I feel like
he is just waiting for disaster to strike.
Some days I do so well.  I keep it under 140 all day, even though I have to
struggle and adjust all day to do it.  Then other days nothing I do works. I can
eat the exact same breakfast and lunch with completely different results.
And I'm sooo tired.
I guess starting tomorrow I'm just going to crank up my basals one tenth of a unit
all day and see what happens. I've already tinkered with them several times.   I
guess I can snack if I need to, but I'm just so frustrated fighting the highs.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Fat, tired, cranky, and high
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