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Re: [IP] insurance is bad for bgs

> since Fri. night my bgs are absolutely wild.Not wild
> as in bounceing,but wild as in all of my insulin has
> decided to be totally resistent, but especially my
> humalog.I am running 200-300, have had a constant
> trace of ketones even with my solitary 122,am of
> course urinating too much and drinking too much.The
> nights are especially bad-from 6 pm to 8 am I am
> lucky
> if I can get a 10 mg/4 U humalog decrease in blood

My insurance is being total idots too.  Now that you
mention it, the added stress has sent my bgs soaring
and then all of a sudden I will be low.  Then HI, and
my resistence isn't quite that bad, but it seems that
when I bolus or even tke a shot(YUCK) my sugars very
seldom come down to even close to where I am aiming. 
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