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[IP] help with crimping

I'm fairly new to pumping - four months, and I've been having problems with 
sets that crimp a day or so after insertion.  I've had stable blood sugars 
for the first day or two,  and then on the third they start to rise and stay 
stubbornly around 200.  When I've pulled many of these out, they've had a 
crimp somewhere in the tubing.   What could be causing this?  I exercise 
pretty intensely 4-5 days/week including stomach crunches.  Do you think this 
is the culprit?  Or could it be my 4 year old son who likes to hop all over 
me?  Or do you think my technique is to blame?  I didn't have this problem 
initially, but then again, I didn't exercise for the first month on the pump 
during my adjustment phase.  Any suggestions?

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