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Re: [IP] Cross-country skiing!

>Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 04:03:39 GMT
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Cross-country skiing!
>I'm going cross-country skiing in about a month.
>This will be my first experience using the pump
>a) under cold-weather conditions and b) while 
>doing serious, sustained physical exertion. 
>I'm hoping to go on a serious day-hike between 
>now and the ski trip, time and weather permitting,
>but if not, my workouts at the gym will be my only 
>exercise experience with the pump.
>Any advice?
>P.S. I was going to go hiking yesterday -- it was
>gorgeous in the Bay Area -- but my blood sugar
>was running low most of the day, and I couldn't
>figure out why, so I thought it safer not to go.

Janet, my xc skiing this winter hasn't been that long or intense so far 
(been with my kids) but I have been downhill skiing several times as well 
as the running that I do on a semi-regular basis.  This is my first winter 
with a pump and my second with diabetes, so I am a newbie at this also.

For xc skiing I don't have that many layers on, so I didn't want to wear 
my pump on my waist as I usually do.  I put it in my cleavage in my sports 
bra and that kept it warm enough.  I haven't been out for that long so my 
meter in a case under my polartec and shell was sufficient, you may need 
to insulate yours more.

You probably want to be conservative on your basal, maybe try 50%, I don't 
know what you usually do for exercise you probably want to go lower than a 
shorter workout at the gym.  Have you gone for brisk walks?  Try to think 
of some similar activity to use as a guide.  Also be sure to watch the 
hours after you're done, last year on MDI I had problems going low on the 
drive back home (not me driving) from the mountain.

Granola bars are hard to eat when they are frozen.  Same with glucose 
tabs.  Nutragrain bars or other softer carbs are a better choice for me. 

I've had times when my BS was low for several hours before I wanted to 
take a run, I either bagged the run or ended up eating a lot more than I 
wanted to to bring it up.  It would have been a wonderful reading for 
sitting at my desk (80-100) but not what I wanted for intense exercise.

Have fun!

Jackie (working at home waiting for a 12" storm to hit around mid-day)
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