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RE: [IP] 25-55?

Wayne Mitzner [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> Come on Faith, if we don't give them money, who can we expect to 
> support them? 

There's another aspect to supporting research, even (especially?) research
that, on the surface, bears no practical association to a particular
outcome.  IOW, basic research with no apparent practical application
*always* pays off in the end.  For example, the 1995 Nobel Prize in Medicine
was won by a couple of biologists studying the genetics of embryonic fruit
flies.  They had discovered the gene which turns on the process of
differentiation of cells in a developing embryo.  It turns out that the gene
is identical in humans (and probably most or all multicellular animals), and
may someday be critical in understanding why some people don't develop or
lose (for example) the ability to produce insulin.

So by all means, support research . . . *ANY* research (that follows sound
scholarship and protocol, of course).  You just don't know what the payoff
might be.

Jim Handsfield
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