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[IP] insurance

I sympathize with you Heidi. Hope your claim is resolved soon. I'm in the 
process of getting a pump for my 11 year old son. I faxed the information to 
his endo the week of Christmas. I knew nothing would be done till January, 
but in the second week I started calling the doctor. I even showed up in 
person one day. I picked up the endo's completed info in person on the 24th 
of Jan. I sent it that day by Express post to the insurance company, after 
I'd called them to get the most direct address I needed to send it to. I 
have now started to call the insurance co to see if the claim is being 
processed yet. I am very determined. If I get a no answer, I won't quit.

Debbie, mother to Blake, 11, dxd at 6, Ontario Canada
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