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[IP] New pumper

I'm a 35 year DMI with a 5yr. DMI daughter.We received Katies Animas Pump
11/00,but opted to wait until the holidays were over before starting.Started
saline on 01/11/01.Thank God for the 1week of saline!I think this should be
mandatory!Started humalog on 01/18/01 and haven't looked back.Still playing
with the basals etc.I have talked to multiple customer service reps.from
Animas and everyone has been great.The second day after starting Humalog
Katies Dr. wanted me to add 3 differant basals.No Problem!! I panicked
scared i would do it wrong, so i called cust.service.They called me right
back,but i had pretty much figured it out.We're using the Comforts.A little
intimidating at first,but Katie doesn't mind them.
We found out the first week that we can only fill insulin cartridge 1/2 full
because Humalog seemed to loose it's potency after 2 1/2 days.We're also
getting air bubbles after 24-36hrs. What a whole new
world! Have read and reread Pumping insulin.Who knows maybe Mom will go on a
pump down the road!
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